• Saturday 22 December

    2pm - 2.30pm | Strand Street | Douglas



    the Churches Christmas Choir

  • The Opportunity:

    Douglas Town Centre Management organise and run events, promotions and one-off's all through the year, designed at pulling people off their internet shopping and into the street.


    This Christmas there is a golden opportunity of 30 minutes. Just 30 minutes, on the Christmas Extravaganza Stage in the busiest shopping street on the Island, on the busiest shopping day of the year. The time on the stage is limited and choirs or bands can do whatever they like! We have the 2pm - 2.30pm slot.

    The Big Idea:

    It's not that hard.


    There are just over 100 churches across the Isle of Man, all of whom know Christmas Carols like the back of their hands! We've been singing them since we were little, they are about our faith, and people want to hear them.


    If every church sent just one person to be part of the choir, we'd have a choir of 100 overnight! Could we try for a choir of 200?

    The Commitment:

    We would need two rehearsals in the run up to Christmas, one in November and one in December (dates to be decided). Those who want to be involved would need to come to at least one of those rehearsals (no turning up on the day).


    On the day, we will have one more run through (12.00-1.00), a break for lunch and then perform the most awesome choir tunes the street has ever seen. Sign up below to recieve details of these rehearsals.

    The Skill Needed:

    It's Christmas Carols!


    People wouldn't need to read music, but would need to be able to sing in tune and read English.


    We will divide into those who know the tune and those who know other parts, and divide up accordingly, with one person acting as conductor/enabler. Simple.

    Who can get involved?

    Let's make this a 'family feel' choir - so anyone age 10 and up can be part of it, but those under 16 will need to have an adult with them at the rehearsals and for the performance.


    And let's not make this just for Christians - if you know people who simply love to sing, and you want to invite them, but they're not part of a local church, well bring them along too for goodness sake! The more the merrier!

  • The clock is ticking!

    Sign up now, and get people coming with you - this could be brilliant.

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    After the event we will ask you if you want to go on a possible list for next year, and after that we will delete all of the information.

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